Work with a certified Feng Shui Master to align your energy throughout your room, home, or office. Online Feng Shui interior design. Anytime, anywhere.


Personalized Destiny Report that maps out your Feng Shui. Includes a package of tools for everything you need to get started.



  • Problems areas and obstacle periods of your life.
  • Remedies and solutions for improving your heaven luck.
  • In depth reading for your luck for the current year and the following 4 years.
  • A detailed reading of your luck for the immediate 12 months, with special detail on what you need to watch out for.


  • Personalized recap of your Feng Shui chart
  • Highlight key elements to bring success into your life

Feng Shui Tools

  • Energy Clearing Kit
  • Hanging Crystal Ball
  • Money Wealth Bell
  • Hanging Lucky Coins
  • Lucky Frog
  • Prosperity Bracelet


Work directly with a certified Feng Shui master to map out your luck and ensure the energy of your home/business is aligned


Destiny Report Analysis Breakdown Feng Shui Tools

Interior Design Guide

  • Mood board
  • Shopping list
  • Map and chart to show

Personal Consultation with Feng Shui Master

  • One on one call with certified Feng Shui Master to discuss problem areas in life that need specific attention
  • Before and after review of your space to ensure your energy flow is optimized


Personalized help at scale for real estate developments

  • Residential interior design for individuals and families
  • Commercial projects such as hotels, restaurants, and businesses
  • Helping to find the right home or office that promotes prosperity
  • Using Feng Shui to stage and sell real estate properties


Feng shui design

Paht Chee Chart (Destiny Report)

Destiny Report Breakdown

Feng Shui Tool Box

Energy Cleansing Kit

Consultation from a Feng Shui Master

Bagua Map of Home or Business

Mood Board + Sourcing Suggestions

Consultation from a Feng Shui Master

Interior Design Guide Based On Style Preferences

Real Estate Staging

Full Scale Renovations