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Let us analyze your personal Feng Shui

Our certified Feng Shui masters will first analyze your Paht Chee report, also known as your destiny chart, to provide a personalized package containing your necessary idols, crystals and clearing kits to Feng Shui your home!


Understanding your personal style and needs

Once we know more about your good luck elements, we will create a detailed design guide for your home or office with your preferred style. From Contemporary and Traditional to Mediterranean and Mid-Century Modern, we will align this plan with your destiny chart and maximize your Feng Shui.

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Work with your certified Feng Shui Master

We will connect you with a Certified Feng Shui Master for a virtual consultation. Here they will answer any questions about your Paht Chee chart and break down exactly how your home or office needs to be arranged - from where to place the furniture, necessary elements to add, and more.


Your Paht Chee chart, also known as the Destiny chart, is an essential part of utilizing Feng Shui to enhance your life. This birth reading is used to show your destiny according to the exact date and time when you were born.

From this chart, we will be able to decode your personal trajectory and important phases in life. This includes when you will be married, your most successful time periods, possible illnesses, your prosperity, and much more.

This practice dates back to the Han Dynasty (206 BC–220 AD) and is based off the 4 pillars which predict one’s life: the day, the time, the month, and the year you were born. It is personal forecasting used to avoid bad luck and to learn more about how to increase one’s fortune.

The Paht Chee uses a chart with 5 elements to determine someone’s future and life road map. This is a very powerful tool that is now still widely used by the most successful business people in the world, and is becoming increasingly popular over the years.

The report decodes your personal Feng Shui incorporating the following methods:

  • Personal Gua Numbers 
  • Your Feng Shui sign and its meaning
  • Simple Bagua*, Golden Bagua*
  • The Five Elements
  • Best and Worst Locations 
  • Celestial Animals, Form School Considerations
  • How to Invigorate Your Relationship Corner
  • How to Pump Up Your Wealth Corner
  • How to Stimulate Your Career Area
  • How to Strengthen Your Health Area

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