Master Consultation

Master Consultation

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The consultation is a comprehensive, complex and concise according to your date of birth, year and time of your birth   We use an advance consultation that is true the 3000 year art and science.  This is not a traditional feng shui of placement anyone can do this but it is not completely accurate and can cause bad luck if it is not matching with your kua no and animal sign 

By applying Feng Shui you can can  improve  productivity, wellness, children success, find love and achieve success and well being at work,  Being a 3000 year art it was used my the Dynasty and was keeper a secret to others for years.  Thanks why you see celebrities, CEO and Fortune 500 building and designing on the principles of Feng Shui

The consultation starts with you filing out a questionnaire I will email it to you we will ask things like date of birth, aspirations and the problems you have with your home or office.

We then schedule a consultation we check every room thoroughly and compass each section of the room from the outside to the front, I use Lou pan a Chinese compass that is only used by masters.  This process should take an hour depending on the size of your home or office.  Care compass readings are documented.

In two weeks you will have a complete comprehensive report that will point out the best areas for you and changes to be done like moving furniture , changing rooms etc...  It will be explained thoroughly. If you have any questions you can call me

If you need additional assistance in changing things around, interior design or renovations we are able to do that for you tool

Please mail me for any questions or a quote

Fee depends on size of home or office. Please email us directly at