Energy Cleansing

Energy Cleansing

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One thing I suggest for any new homer or someone moving into another home or apartment.  Is to clear the energy in the home you are moving to and do energy burning to bring good energy into your new home start out fresh.  I have done many homes and my clients can feel the difference .

Cleansing is also used to take out bad energy in the homes that feel an entity, have bad luck, quarrels this is the time time to do a cleasnsing before it gets worse 

Other questions why your house should be cleansed

  • Moving into a new house or place
  • A stressful event ie marriage break up or ill feeling between family members 
  • A death in the family
  • Paranormal events around the house such as objects moved, people seeing things etc
  • To help sell a house
  • Upheaval in the work place

First Step: Ridding Negative Energy

Second Step: Cleansing

Third Step: Blessing, Sealing and Protecting the Space


Fee depends on size of home or office. Please email us directly at