Energy Vipers

There are people who drain you and suck your energy.  You know that feeling you have when you leave them you and feel drained.  You need to separate yourself from this person, have no contact at all and  stay away from these energy vampires .  If they have been in your space do a cleansing in your space.   Its best to have no contact with this person.  Usually people that drain you are narcissistic, sociopath or physcopaths that only bring negative energy by manipulation.  Everyone has intuition and energy field around them that they can feel.  Because you’re dealing with negative energy,, leaving you feeling drained, emotional, moody…or even angry.

If you encounter this kind of person with this energy into your space.  Cleanse your space with a burning of sage or incense and repeat your intention speak it out loud into the space, you can actually feel the change in the room.  Taking away toxic energy will calm you.  To avoid these people or you know you are going to encounter your energy vampire.  

These kinds of people are scab-pickers; they have a need to find fault with everything, except themselves, never taking responsibility for their lives or issues they’re always complaining about. It’s always someone else’s fault, never theirs.

Oh, but they love their issues, reveling in how someone or a situation has created their problem and never wanting to take responsibility for any of it. And they want to suck you into their world of blame and criticism as well.