Love and Feng Shui

What does Feng Shui have to do with love?  For over 3000 years they have been using Feng Shui for love in the Dynasty.  So I see it as if they have beens using it for that long there has to be some truth to it? Well I have heard many stories but I am convinced now since my first, second and third experience.  One of my experiences was wonderful.  I had a client who was a very busy successful woman who had everything but love.  Although she was beautiful and successful she just could not find the one thing she really wanted love and a partner in life.  When I first met Georgina she was open minded but skeptical.  We started with her bedroom everything was off and her side of her bed was pushed up to the wall bad Feng Shui.  So we changed that amongst other things in the room which brought balance and love energy to the bedroom.  We then made changes to all the love and relationship areas of the house.  She felt an immediate shift when we were done.  Three weeks later she met the man of her dreams and was married in a year.  No more kissing frogs.